• Everything you love about the Recipe Box,
    just tinier.

  • Almost all the same features as iPad, only smaller.

    We found ourselves wanting to have the Recipe Box with us everywhere. So we shrank it down and put it in iPhone.

  • Magically import a recipe from the web.

    With one tap, a recipe from one of dozens of popular food websites
    is captured to your collection.

  • Keep in sync with Recipe Link.

    Send recipes from your iPad to your iPhone in seconds...
    or send to a friend.

We're so excited to bring you Recipe Box To Go! — Shopping, sharing and swapping are all more convenient when you have the Recipe Box To Go, our companion app for iPhone 3GS and up. Import recipes from the web instantly with one button. Sync your recipe collection between your iPad and iPhone with our easy and amazing Recipe Link feature. Send recipes directly to a friend over a WiFi connection, too!

The Recipe Box To Go is a stand-alone app that works with the iPad version, so you can have the ease of entry and larger display of the iPad and the portablility of your iPhone.