Recipe Link - Sending & Receiving

Sharing is nice. You want to share your recipes with friends and family. You also want to share them between devices, like from your iPhone to your iPad and visaversa. We've made it easy and fun (of course!)

  • 1. Sharing One Recipe

    First decide which recipe you want to send. Open that recipe in cook mode and tap the Recipe Link button. Select Share This Recipe. Skip to step 3.

  • 2. Sharing Several Recipes

    Use the Search feature, Categories or Bookmark feature to gather a list of recipes in Browse. To send your whole collection, use the All Recipes list. When you have all the Recipes in browse, tap the Recipe Link button. Select Share (however many) Recipes.

  • 3. On the receiving device, tap the Recipe Link button. Select Receive Recipes.

  • 4. Now in the sending device, you'll see the name of the receiving device in the white status window. Tap on the name of the device you want to send to and a red check mark will appear.

  • 5. Tap Send.

  • 6. In the receiving device, the status window will tell you that the other device wants to send, and wants you to confirm that it's okay with you. Tap Import Recipes.

  • 7. Like magic, all the selected recipes will shoot through the air from one device into the other. You'll only import the recipes that aren't already on the receiving device. The status window will have the message, "Recipe Link complete". Tap done. And you're done.

  • 8. To sync your shopping list to another device, bring up the shopping list on the sending device and tap View Recipe Cards.

  • 9. Now when you select the Recipe Link button you'll see the option to Sync Shopping List.

  • 10. You'll have the option to clear your list first so the sending device's list will be identical on both devices, or combine the lists on both devices onto the receiving device.

  • 11. Syncing bookmarks is pretty much the same as syncing shopping lists.